Global Computer Graphics Market Sees New Highs

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The global computer graphics market is seeing new highs propelled by the booming software industry. The computer graphics market is predicted to see even better days thanks to the current shift in the software business, where there has been a transformation of shipment from proprietary to cloud-based subscription software.

This new trend has the set ball rolling for the computer graphics industry and better days are definitely here according to a market research report titled “Computer Graphics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020”.

The report by Transparency Market Research indicates that the surge in the computer graphics market is also influenced by other factors. These include the entertainment sector, the online-gaming industry, increased penetration of high-speed Internet and smartphones, and the need for computer systems that are equipped with the ability to read high-resolution video formats.

DigitalJournal reports:

“Computer graphics, via animation, modeling, and visualization, are becoming increasingly relevant in a multitude of industries today. With the help of realistic 3D images of products and various objects, users have a better understanding of what is being manufactured, the limitations and possible bottlenecks, and what changes are required.”

It is not just the entertainment or online-gaming industry either. Computer graphics aid the manufacturing industries, especially those of automobile, defense, aerospace, and healthcare. Adding even more great news for the computer graphics industry, the popularity of 4D technology and cloud-based subscriptions have further bolstered growth opportunities.

Computer Graphics Market Growth

Transparency’s market report focused on five fronts and they are: service, software, verticals, end-users, and geographic region. The key players who are shaping this industry are Mentor Graphics, Sony, Autodesk, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Intel Corporation, Adobe Systems, Nvidia, Microsoft, Siemens PLM Software, and Dassault Systems.

From a services point of view, computer graphics market is segmented into training and support, consulting and integration. If we look at the domain’s influence in the software market, we are looking at modeling and animation, CAD/CAM imaging, digital video, and visualizations and stimulations – to name a few.

Looking at the other verticals that the computer graphics industry influences, we are looking at academia and education, automobile, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, entertainment and advertising, architecture and construction, healthcare and many others.

The domain has been impacted the world over, and we are going to see many more fireworks from this industry. The shift in technology and the way we interact with it has resulted in a boom for many industries and computer graphics is one of them.

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