What is Screen Capture Software?

 Screen Capture Software

Now more than ever, using video to share your message with your customers is important. Thanks to social media, video is shared faster and more often than simple text.

Videos that demonstrate how web applications work or that describe the steps on how to create something using web-based software or demonstrating your product or services are called screencasts.

Basically, screen capture means that the video software captures or records what is shown on your computer screen as you are using it. In only minutes you can sum up what might otherwise require pages of text content explaining how to use or do something.

Screen recording software lets you record exactly what you are doing online, save the recording as a video file and then save or upload it to YouTube or embed the video on your website.

Video capture software is affordable and the ease of use makes it possible for even the novice to use. The possibilities of the software are limitless so there is something for almost everyone.

What to look for in Screen Capture software:

When choosing a screen capture software program there are a few things to consider. These include:

Ease of Use

The software shouldn’t be overly complicated. It should be easy to learn and use, no matter how tech savvy you are. The interface should be simple with tools that don’t require a long explanation on how to use them.

Capture Feature

The main purpose of your screen capture software is to take images of what you see on your computer screen. The one you choose needs to have a range of options for doing that including menu capture, scrolling capture, object capture, video capture and game capture.

Edit Tools

The editing function is one of the best values in screen capture software. A good program provides everything you need to alter, annotate and save your images in different formats. There should be drawing tools, highlighting tools and customization tools. It should let you insert comments, draw attention to specific areas and resize or add personal touches.

Extra Features

The software should give you a variety of tools such as a quick toolbar, image view and the ability to share or send your screenshots via email. Of course, you shouldn’t look for software that has a lot of features that you will never use. Ask yourself what you will use in a practical application. Try to find software that lets you customize the hot keys for actions you do most often. Will you need a bulk share option? Will you be sharing links with your virtual assistant and does the software make sharing links easy?


Look for screen capture software that offers a good help and support system. It should be available in a variety of sources including email, phone or online, through FAQs or step-by-step tutorials.

The best screen capture software for you should be uncomplicated but powerful. It should be able to capture different types of objects quickly and easily. Many of the best software products offer effective and versatile editing tools and plenty of useful features, as well as 24 hour support.

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