Photo Editing with Photoshop: Resizing an Image

Resizing an Image in Photoshop Another important thing to be able to do with your images is to resize them. There are many reasons why you may need to resize an image. For example if you want to make sure the image is the right size to use in a banner advertisement, a social media profile picture, a book cover or to have printed out you’ll need to understand resizing. In addition, your camera settings may be set to take very large pictures but you may want a smaller size to send via email to friends or family. Tip: First, find out what the best size of the image is for what you want to use it for, and then make it that size using the Photoshop software. For example, some photos may need to be no larger than 250 pixels square. Others may need to be 9 x 5 inch. For this demonstration we’ll use an image of a painting. Resizing an image in Photoshop To find out what size this painting is right now, simply click on “image” on the top drop down menu, and then click “image size”. Resizing an image in Photoshop Now you can see, not only what size the image is, but you can change the sizes from this window that pops up. Resizing an image in Photoshop You can adjust the dimensions using inches, percentages, pixels and more measurements by using the drop down options. To keep the aspect ratio so the picture isn’t distorted, click the little link icon between the width and height so they are attached. Depending on what you’re going to do with the image you can also adjust the resolution. For use in print you need a higher resolution than for use online. When you’re done, click “ok”. Remember to save the image when you’re done under a different name than the name the original image started with. This ensures that you keep your original image.

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