Photo Editing with Photoshop: Adding Text to an Image

| February 7, 2015

Adding Text to an Image in Photoshop A very basic skill that you need to know is how to add text to an image. The reasons you might need text on an image is for things like creating a meme, a book cover, or a caption. Adding text to an image is just a matter of turning on the text tool. Let’s start with an image that we can easily add text to. This is a picture of a chalkboard that has nothing on the board. First we’ll open the picture into the editing area so that we can click on the text tool. Text is also a new layer in your image. If you want to be able to edit the text again later save as a Photoshop file in addition to saving it as the type of file you want to use. For example if you are using it as a social media share such as a meme, then you will want to save it as a JPG image. Once the image is opened in the editing window, click on the text tool to activate it. Adding Text to an Image in Photoshop When you click on the text tool, you’ll now be able to add a text layer to your image. You can control the style of text, as well as the color of the text. First, you need to use the mouse to drag a text box into your image. Adding Text to an Image in Photoshop Once you have a text box created you can use your keyboard to put text right into the box. If you happen to have an art graphics drawing tablet you can do a lot of this freehand with a pen which is easier than using the mouse or your laptop’s touch pad. Adding Text to an Image in Photoshop You can freely edit and perfect it by making one or more text boxes to make the words fit correctly on the image. As long as you keep the different layers you can always go back and edit. When you are satisfied save your new image with a new name in the format that you need for the purpose you’re using it. Adding Text to an Image in Photoshop The possibilities are truly endless with Photoshop and adding text to images. You can get as fancy and as complicated as you want to, but simple is often best. Simple will keep you from getting frustrated. And simple is often very effective.

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