Photo Editing with Photoshop: Rotating an Image

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Rotating an Image in Photoshop

Another useful thing to know is how to rotate an image. You may need to rotate images for different orientations when you put many images together to make a composition such as when making a banner, or when creating a meme for use on social media.

You can rotate entire images as well as various elements within an image such as text, as long as the elements are on their own layers. Below, the text on the chalkboard will be rotated. First, highlight the text layer on the right hand side by clicking the layer.

Rotating an Image in Photoshop

When the layer is highlighted it activates so that you can edit that layer. Then click “edit”, “transform” and “rotate”.

Rotating an Image in Photoshop

Once you click “rotate” you can use the mouse to left click and drag the text box so that it moves in the direction you want it to. Drag it where you want it and adjust it to perfection. Then you’ll have rotated text, which can sometimes look more interesting than perfectly straight text.

Rotating an Image in Photoshop

To get rid of the text box, click the text icon. A window will pop up asking if you want to apply the transformation.

Rotating an Image in Photoshop

Once you click apply the transformation will be complete.

Rotating an Image in Photoshop

Be sure to save the image in Photoshop, and in the format required for the place you want to use it. You can use JPG files for online use anyplace. If you want the image to have a transparent background you may need to save it as a PNG.

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